Tuesday, September 6, 2011

South Philly rituals

Sept 6th Far out fangtooth, Straight Arrows(Australia), Hot Guts @ Little Bar 9PM $6 9PM 21+
Sept 11th Neighborhood brats (CA), Cape of Bats, Concrete Cross(NYC), No Coffins @ Emoda gallery (3rd and Moore, South Philly) 7PM $5 All Ages
Sept 17th Outer Spacist (Columbus), Housebat, Exploding World, Bill Ridenor @ Little Bar 9PM $5 21+
Sept 18th Aspiga, Broadcaster, Hightide Hotel @ Little Bar 6PM $5 All Ages
Sept 21st Sucked Dry(KC), Maggot(ex Rival Mob), Outdoorsmen(SF), Burning Itch(Tenn) @Emoda Gallery (3rd and Moore, South Philly) $5 8PM All Ages
Sept 22nd Deradoorian(Angel from Dirty Projectors), Hubble(Zs project), Joe Kusy(Far Out Fangtooth)@ Little Bar 9PM $10 21+
Sept 24th Murder, Tournament @ TBA $5 9PM 21+
Sept 27th Easy Action (ex Negative Approach), Leather, White Crime (Houston)@Little Bar $6 9PM 21+
Sept 29th Deaf Wish (Australia), Thee Shutdowns, Wild Child @ Little Bar $5 9PM 21+
Oct 1st The Big Sharkey Show hosting Phillies game 1 of Division series @ Little bar free time TBA
Oct 3rd Useless Eaters, Slutever, Tough Shits, @ Little Bar 9PM 21+
Oct 4th "Yo what if Mike Schmidt were into the Smiths" @ Little Bar (Phillies game 3/Smiths colab) free
Oct 9th Today's Man, Black Actor, 2 TBA @ Little Bar 6PM $5
Oct 11th Acid Baby Jesus(Athens, Greece), Faux Slang,Black mamba Beat(ex black time),TTOTALs @ Little Bar 9PM $5 9PM 21+
Oct 13th Cop city chill pillars(Floridas dying records),Bad dream(Brooklyn), Bermuda Triangles, Slow tongued beauty @ Little Bar $5 9PM 21+
Oct 16th Bleached(ex Miko Mako), Dopebody(Baltimore) @ Little Bar $6 9PM 21+
Oct 25th Wishgift (Chicago), Drugstore, Vatican (PA) @ Little Bar 9PM $5 21+
Oct 29th Witches (ex dirtbombs), Michael Beach (Australia), 1 TBA @ Little Bar $6 9PM 21+
Oct 30th Dead Farmers (Australia), TBA @ Little Bar $5 9PM 21+
Oct 31st The Pack A.D. , Bedroom Problems, Wax Idols @ Little Bar $6 9PM 21+
Nov 5th Joe Jack Talcum (Dead Milkmen), 1994!, TBA @ Little Bar 8PM $7 All Ages
Nov 6th Cave Caverns(Richmond), Panther Modern, 2 TBA @ Little Bar 8PM $5 21+
Nov 11th Christmas, 2 TBA @ Little Bar 9PM $5 21+
Nov 18th Raspberry Bulbs, Endless Humiliation, Pharmakon, Terrorism @ Little Bar 736 S 8th St 9PM $7 21+

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