Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Mammoth Grinder- No results 7" ( a few copies on color for the quick, the rest black)
Flying Trichecos-Sniffa Across America tape (these are going quick, 2 left. Second press of 7" should be here this week)
Cult Ritual-III 7" (check em out June 24th yo, printed flyers spreading around the city as we speak)
Electric Annihilation zine #1 Thurston Moore, Henry Rollins, Emeralds(the best thing in Cleveland).

I also got some strange 70's prog rock and experimental LPs, a few early USHC items, Crass singles on da wall.

June 24th
Cult Ritual
Vile Gash
Flying Trichecos
Hew Noir
@ Tower 2012
9PM $5

July 12th
Apartment 213
Hatred Surge
Mammoth Grinder
@ Now thats class
11213 Detroit Ave
9PM $6

Next week: Syphilitic Vaginas/ Nunslaughter 7"(RFL records) , Iron Age-The sleeping eye 2xLP(Cyclopean records), nightMoves UK (Drone Errant) tapes


Friday, May 1, 2009


Just put these in the bins:

Blod - Romantic and Deranged (Segerhuva)
Cherry Point & NVH - Salt Killers (Troniks, 1 sided)
Ex-Cocaine/GHQ (Not Not Fun/Bored Fortress series)
The Flying Luttenbachers - 1389 Seconds (Quinnah)
John Spencer Blues Explosion - Wail (Mute, gray)
Knives - Switchblade Princess (Troniks, letterpressed)
Leslie Keffer/Jason Zeh (Eye Wish Arts, #14/300)
Moth Drakula - Brood (Audiobot/Swampland, orange)
Newton/Deadbird (Breathmint, great screened jacket)
Ruins/Dawson (HG Fact)
Sharon's Last Party (Swedish PE, Segerhuva)
Sunburned Hand of the Man - Life Knife 2x7" (Manhand, clear)
Yau/Tralphaz (Troniks)