Thursday, July 28, 2011

Upcoming shows in South Philadelphia.

Phonographic Arts presents:

Aug 8th Face the Rail(Bay Area), Cape of Bats, Vatican ,1 TBA@ After School Special 7PM

Aug 11th Voyageurs (Arkansas), Swimmers Ear, True Gold @ Little Bar 9PM

Aug 14th Thee Nosebleeds, Canons, Mostly Dead @ Little Bar 7PM

Aug 21st The Wrong words(SF), The Shakes, Pussy Dogs @ Little Bar 9PM

Aug 25th Personal & the pizzas, The Eeries, Murder @ Little Bar 9PM

Aug 26th Mittenfields (DC), The Tweeds, TBA @ Little Bar 9PM

Sept 1st Weekends(Baltimore), Acid Kicks, Witch Hat(Baltimore), Fire in the hearts & minds@ Little Bar 8PM

Sept 6th Straight Arrows(Australia), Far out fangtooth, TBA @ Little Bar 9PM

Sept 17th Outer Spacist (Columbus), TBA @ Little Bar 9PM

Sept 23rd Murder, Tournament, Birth Noise @ Little Bar 9PM

Sept 27th Easy Action (ex Negative Approach), Leather,White Crime(Houston)@Little Bar

Oct 3rd Useless Eaters, Tough Shits, TBA @ Little Bar 9PM

Oct 11th Acid Baby Jesus(Athens, Greece), Faux Slang,Black mamba Beat(ex black time),TTOTALs @ Little Bar 9PM

Oct 30th Dead Farmers (Australia) 2 TBA @ Little Bar

Nov 9th Mark Sultan(ex king khan and the bbq show), Tough Shits, CCR with skulls @ Little Bar

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